Tania Bradkin, MSW ACSW

Tania Bradkin, MSW, ACSW, specializes in working with children and  adolescents, seniors, couples and families, and is dedicated to serving  our Spanish speaking community as a bilingual practitioner.

Her emphasis in mental health and military populations addresses the  effects of trauma and stress, integrating the wealth of evidence based  interventions generated by ongoing neurobiological findings such as  cultivating a mindfulness practice for well being; she is also Eye  Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) trained via EMDR founder  Francine Shapiro’s institute.

In addition to EMDR, her post-graduate certifications and training  includes CBT, TF-CBT, somatic/sensorimotor psychotherapy training,  music, art, animal and play therapy, and she specializes in  understanding and addressing the challenges families face in this era of  increased access to technology.

Her strengths-based and solutions-focused approach assists clients  with anxiety, depression, transitions and other challenges and phases of  change. Tania is the mother of teenage girl/boy twins, has worked as a  preschool teacher as well as with special needs populations, and brings  first hand knowledge regarding stages of development as the foundation  to her focus on milestones, attachment issues and family dynamics. She  looks forward to working with you and/or your family to provide  tailored, innovative and holistic solutions that fold into your life,  increase happiness and well being. Tania graduated from the University  of Southern California School of Social Work and attended the University  of Pennsylvania School of Social Work after completing two bachelor’s  degrees at American University in public communication and political  science. Her post-graduate certifications and training includes CBT and  TF-CBT, somatic/sensorimotor psychotherapy training, music, art, animal  and play therapy, and she specializes in understanding and addressing  the challenges families face in this era of increased access to  technology.