Sherry Alamdari, MA, MFT

Sherry Alamdari, M.A., MFT specializes in working with adolescents and  young adults as well as their parents and families.  Her integrative  treatment focuses on helping clients to find their strengths so that  they may be able to develop the agency to make positive choices in their  lives, and draws from her knowledge of attachment theory, narrative  work, family systems, as well as somatic and mindfulness practices. 

Sherry's  experience facilitating Positive Parenting groups at the David H. Fox  Counseling Center and her own experience as the mother of two adult  children has served as the foundation for her series of trainings and  groups at Lifespan Center which collaboratively help parents foster  better relationships within their families. 

Through the lens of  Sensorimotor Psychotherapy she offers somatic awareness and movement  interventions with her individual and group clients. Following her  undergraduate studies at Loyola Marymount University, she completed a  Dual Degree in Psychology with an Emphasis on Marriage and Family  Therapy Work and School Counseling at Phillips Graduate Institute, and  continues to work with middle school and high school students in the  Glendale Unified School District.