Dr. Bonnie Goldstein, LCSW, Ed.M., Ph.D.

The focus of Dr. Bonnie Goldstein’s work is to foster and heal  relationships through the lens of attachment theory, somatic and mindful  awareness, and the dynamic interaction of group psychotherapy. She  helps clients navigate through life’s complexities by addressing  developmental issues, family systems, grief and loss counseling for  children and adults, and transitions-to-adulthood. Her work integrates  traditional psychodynamic psychotherapy with progressive  psychotherapeutic interventions such as Sensorimotor Psychotherapy,  hypnosis, mindfulness exercises and EMDR.

Dr. Goldstein holds dual licenses in the state of California in  Psychology and Social Work, completed her B.A. MSW, and Ph.D. at UCLA,  her Ed.M. at Harvard University, and teaches graduate students at USC’s  School of Social Work. She is certified in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy  and is the Southern California coordinator of the Sensorimotor  Psychotherapy Institute’s Trauma, Developmental/Attachment, and  Certification trainings.

Galvanized by traumatic experiences throughout Los Angeles over the past  t decades, including earthquakes, fires, mudslides, and riots, Dr. Goldstein has assembled and disseminated information, developed outreach  programs for UCLA extension, and produced creative presentations of  trauma-related information, including a book for children and their  families, I’ll Know What to Do: A Kid’s Guide to Natural Disasters,  published by the American Psychological Association in 1997 and  distributed as a guide for children and families in the aftermath of  traumatic experiences. 

Dr. Bonnie Mark-Goldstein’s professional  publications include The Handbook of Infant, Child, and Adolescent  Psychotherapy: Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment Vol. I & II and  Understanding, Diagnosing, and Treating Attention-Deficit  Disorder/Hyperactivity Disorder in Children and Adolescents: an  Integrative Approach.  She is author and co-author of  numerous professional papers integrating Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and  Embedded Relational Mindfulness practice in individual and group  treatment. Over the past three decades as Founder and Director of Lifespan Psychological Center her commitment has been to bring issues of diversity, equity, sexual parity, and inclusion to the forefront all treatment, professional trainings and articles.